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BoyCrush Video – Sucking and Fucking

Another fresh week and like we promised, here’s a new boycrush video for you to see. For this nice and new scene we have another awesome sex session with two very cock hungry guys today. The two collegedudes actually never met before tonight in their life, but the studs seem to make the best of it and we can say for sure that they will remain BFB’s which means best fuck buddies. They met at a gay club tonight and since something clicked they decided to head back home together tonight. Without further due let’s see what they have for you.

As the boycrush scene starts they are already back at the apartment of one of the dudes and they seem intent on having some hard core RagingStallion gay fun for you tonight. Like all nice sex scenes start they also start off with some nice and passionate kisses and you have to see what comes next. As they are just about done with their little foreplay, the two take turns to get each other’s big cocks all hard. Then watch them fuck in the ass for your viewing pleasure today. And be sure to check out the past updates as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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Boy Crush Video – Horny Teen

As we hinted for some time, we want to bring you a nice and fresh boy crush video today. This is to serve as a thank you for sticking by our side thus far guys. Don’t worry we’ll keep bringing you updates, but this is to celebrate the fact that we kept our word and brought you only the best gay content with every scene in every week. And like we said we’re going to keep on doing so. So let’s get to the point with today’s fresh scene. In this one we have another teen hunk as he will get some alone time with the boycrush cameras today.

And just like others before him, he wants to take his time. He knows exactly how hot he is, and he wants to parade his body for a bit at first. He wants the camera to film his hot body from every possible angle before her gets to start to milk his cock. Then he finally takes his seat and he starts to jerk off fast and hard for your viewing pleasure. Watch him masturbate fast and hard until he blows his load and jizzes himself for you. Stay tuned for more everyone as we will bring you one more hot and fresh video next week as well. Check out website and have fun watching another horny guy jerking off his big cock for you!

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Twinks Fucking

It’s time for another superb boycrush update with one unforgettable pair of studs as they will spend the whole scene showing off how guys like to have their asses pleased. These two are long time fuck buddies and they regularly meet up to spend the whole day fucking and enjoying themselves. In this meet up they haven’t seen each other for quite some time and they did want to take the time and catch up to their latest exploits. But all of it was meant to serve as foreplay for the boycrush fuck fest that would unfold very soon.

When the spirits got hot, the two just started to kiss passionately and sensually for the cameras, and the brunette guy went down on his knees to start sucking off his best friend. He needs him all lubed and hard for his tight ass as you might imagine. For a better picture of the situation you can check as well. So watch the brunette guy as he bends over to take some serious cock in the ass as his buddy is more than happy to deliver one balls deep anal pounding for him today. Watch the two have their fun this time everyone, and as always be sure to come back next week for some more!


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BoyCrush – Cum Bath

BoyCrush returns this fine day with another superb and fresh gallery for you. It’s another short one, but you can bet that this will be quite to your liking as you’ll get to see one hot older male as he goes to town on his hard cock jerking off hard style for you today. His name is Ian and he can sure put on a great show even by himself as you will get to see today. So let’s get this show started.

boycrush-hot-guy-strokingThis hot guy is also another boy crush model that likes to masturbate until he blows his load, and you can see him go as hard as he wants. Watch him as he masturbates until he blows his jizz all over himself and enjoy the view everyone. We forgot to mention that you may have saw this guy in one of our previous scenes as well. Well either way, see you next week guys and be sure not to miss the updates. See you soon, friends!

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Boycrush – Cute Guy

Hey there once more guys. This fine day we bring some more boycrush pictures for you to see and we have another horny hunk as he’s going to get around to playing with himself just for your viewing pleasure for today. This cute guy is definitely one of the hottest college guys we have ever seen! This hot stud is in theme as well as he seems to also posses a nice and big dildo shaped in the form of a candy cane. And you can bet that he also aims to use that ion his ass as well today. So let’s not wait any longer, and see what he ahs to offer for you in this new and fresh boy crush update today.

As soon as the cameras start rolling, this horny guy starts doing his thing and you can see he’s really eager too. Watch him playing around with his body as he undresses and then you can also see him as he begins to please his cock now that he’s all naked. Eventually you ca see him as he also inserts that glass dildo in his tight ass to please himself. Watch his hard core self fucking and jerking off session today. Like always we hope you enjoyed the gallery and stay tuned for next week’s update as we’ll have some fresh content!



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Horny Gay Twink in Action

Another fresh week and time for you to feast your eyes on yet another superb and sexy boycrush update today. This time we are having a change of pace as we show off a horny gay twink in a very sexy solo session at PornInsights. She doesn’t really feel confident enough to let himself fucked balls deep in the ass for the cameras but for today he did want to do something. So without further due, sit back and watch him as he still gives you a nice show today. You can see him as he is going to jerk off on his hard cock today and blow his load.

boycrush-guy-milking-his-toolWhen the cameras start rolling, this boy crush stud makes his appearance and you can already see that he’s completely nude. Even though it’s just a solo masturbation session he’s really eager and happy to be doing this for the cameras. Watch his cock as it gets bigger and bigger in his hands as he’s jerking on it and enjoy the little masturbation show that he puts on for you. We have to take our leave sadly but be sure that we will return next week with some more fresh content for you. So see you next time guys and enjoy!

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BoyCrush – Hardcore Gay Fuck

This week’s boycrush update has quite the treat for you to see guys. This time we have another couple formed by two studs and they will get to spend the whole evening fucking one another hard style just for your viewing pleasure. The two of them are actually the bosses of their own little firm and they just got it going. In this scene they want to prove that a business can run like a well oiled machine when all the gears are in tandem. And by that they mean it requires lots of teamwork, as they will prove in this boy crush scene just to you.

After the long day at the office the two retreat to their little abode and as soon as they enter the house they start to kiss passionately as you will see for yourselves everyone. As they kiss and caress one another they are also taking of their clothes and by the time they reach the bed room they are completely naked. So sit back and watch them have hard style gay sex for you as they take turns stretching one another’s tight asses with their big dicks. We hope you enjoyed the scene guys and be sure that we will bring more next time! Until then, check out the site and see other hot gay men having sex!


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Gay Boy Crush

Today it’s a rather quick gay boy crush update as we’re busy preparing the next big thing for you guys to enjoy and see. Well that’s not to say this this gallery will be a bad one. Quite the contrary. This time we have for you another couple of two studs that want you to see how they like to fuck one another in the ass today. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sex show they will put on.


In this boycrush scene the two are all set to have some hard style gay sex just for you on the bed today. And as all the successful sex sessions begin, it begins with them taking turns to suck on one another’s big and hard cocks today. Then watch them fuck missionary style as they make the bed squeak for the whole afternoon with their hard style sex. See you next week everyone! For similar videos and picture galleries come inside mike18 website. Enjoy!

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Guy Crush Pics

Hey there once more everyone, we’re back and we have even more boycrush pics for you to see today. In this scene we bring you to hot and sexy studs as they get around to have some fun in the basement of a building as they want no one to disturb them from their little fuck session for the afternoon. They seem to always go out of their way to make sure that they can’t be seen as these two always enjoy having some hard core gay sex. And the sounds may concern some people. Anyway, they made sure the coast is clear and then they started their boycrush session for today. So let’s sit back and watch what they will do for your entertainment today.

When the scene begins you get to see them kissing passionately and touching one another all over their bodies, and then you get to see them as they start their fuck session. Watch as one dude begins to kneel down as he wants to suck the other one’s big cock. And when he’s all nice and hard he bends him over for the next part. So watch as the guys take turns to fuck each other in the ass hard style this nice afternoon and enjoy the scene. We can safely say that we hope to have them back again once more in the future as they made pure magic happen today with their little fuck fest. See you next week with more fresh content. Come inside website if you are looking for similar pics and videos.

boycrush-horny-teens-pic boycrush-horny-teens-pics

See these teens sucking and fucking all over the place!

BoyCrush – Gay Fuck

Hey there guys, boycrush returns this week with another fresh and hot scene for you to see. In this one we have a couple formed from two very cock hungry studs that will put on quite a nice display for you today. The scene starts off with these two hot hunks as they meet each other at a secret place and as you might imagine, they can only go wild there since many people are against them. But not to worry, they will show you how they like to meet up and spend their afternoons just fucking them time away and forgetting about any problems.

boycrush-gay-fuckAs the cameras start rolling, the couple of these two boy crush studs, makes sure that they cant be seen and they start getting naked. You get to see them as they start to suck on one another’s big cocks as you get to see them. And we can say for sure that you will enjoy even more what follows. You can see one of the horny dudes as he takes the other one’s big cock balls deep in his ass as they have their little gay sex session today. We hope you enjoyed it and be sure that we’ll have more for you next week.Wanna see other hot gay guys riding cocks? If you do, visit the site and have fun! See you next time, friends!

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